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May is Mental Health Awareness Month & Jewish American Heritage Month

Display Carts in May  



Mental Health Awareness Month

Challenge yourself to examine your world and how it can affect your overall health. Look around, look within – from your neighborhood to genetics, many factors come into play when it comes to your mental health. 



Jewish American Heritage Month

Every May, Jewish American Heritage Month invites people of all faiths and observance levels to celebrate in a different way. The holiday is all about acknowledging and celebrating the contributions Jewish Americans have made to this country.


“All of this is an antidote to antisemitism,” says Emily August, chief public engagement officer for the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History, which organizes the monthly holiday. That’s important, because there’s been an alarming increase in antisemitism in America (cases rose by 36% from 2021 to 2022) and internationally. With that in mind, the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism and the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History partnered on a monthlong campaign using the hashtag #StandUpToJewishHate to raise awareness of and stand up to antisemitism.


But the celebration goes beyond that. Jewish American Heritage Month is a way of inviting people to embrace all things Jewish in the most positive ways possible. It centers on our cuisine and our major contributions to science, law, tech, literature and, yes, the movie industry. “Jewish Heritage Month is about history, culture and knowledge,” says historian Miriam Mora, PhD, director of academic and public programs at the Center for Jewish History.


Black-Eyed Susan Program


We are launching our annual Black-Eyed Susan (BES) Book Award program. Each year, Maryland students select outstanding books for the BES Book Awards. Since 1992, the BES Award has been given to one book in each grade level category. Students can vote for their favorite book after reading at least three of the nominated books in a category. BES committee members tally votes from across the state to determine the winner at each grade level. As an honor bestowed by Maryland students, winning authors receive an award and recognize the BES award.


The BES reading initiative at GHS aims to promote literacy and lifelong reading habits by encouraging students to read quality, contemporary literature. These nominated books provide students with new insight into their own lives and broaden their understanding of the human experience. Students are encouraged to participate, and we recognize the best readers at the end of the year with a special party. For more information on this year's nominees, please visit the dedicated BES page on our website:

Our online catalog of eBooks and audiobooks is always open!

Sora provides the quickest and easiest way to get started with digital titles from our school. Students can simply log in using school credentials and instantly access hundreds of eBooks and audio books on virtually any device. Get started today at or download the free Sora app for Android or iOS.

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Check Out Our Awesome Displays

May Display

May marks Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, which celebrates the histories of Americans hailing from across the Asian continent and from the Pacific islands of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.


Before it was a month, it was a week

The month was the brainchild of Jeanie Jew, a former Capitol Hill staffer, who shared the idea with Rep. Frank Horton, who introduced the legislation that formed it.

Jew's great grandfather, M.Y. Lee, left China for the United States in the 1800s before he helped build the transcontinental railroad, according to Time. Lee became a prominent businessman in California and later traveled to Oregon. He was killed during a period of unrest and anti-Asian sentiment.

"Mrs. Jew turned a personal tragedy in her family history into a positive force," Horton later told Congress in 1992.

In 1977, Horton introduced a resolution that would establish Pacific/Asian American Heritage Week. Pacific/Asian American Heritage Week. Sen. Daniel Inouye introduced similar legislation to the Senate.

In the following year, Horton, with cosponsor Rep. Norman Mineta, introduced another related resolution that passed. President Jimmy Carter signed it in October of 1978.

April Display

Celebrating the rich and diverse culture and contributions of the diverse population of Arab Americans, National Arab American Heritage Month has been observed during the month of April since 2017.

More than 3.5 Americans have Arab roots, according to the 2020 U.S. Census, with ancestries traced to 22 countries across the Middle East and North Africa.

From The American Presidency Project, Proclamation 10539—Arab American Heritage Month, 2023

“The Arab American story is the American story—one of diverse backgrounds and faiths, vibrant tradition, bold innovation, hard work, commitment to community and stalwart patriotism, all coming together to accomplish something greater than any one of us. This month, we join together to celebrate the immeasurable contributions of Arab Americans to our nation and recommit ourselves to the timeless work of making sure that all people have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

“Ours is a nation shaped by the immigrant's heart, and generations of brave and hopeful people from across all countries, including from the Arab world, have woven their unique heritages, customs and talents into the tapestry of America. Today, the achievements of Arab Americans are reflected in the arts and sciences; in businesses and faith communities; in classrooms and hospitals; and in police stations, firehouses and every branch of the military. Arab Americans are also proudly serving throughout my administration, bringing a diversity of expertise that helps make this country stronger, more prosperous, and more just.”

March Display

Women's History Month is celebrated annually in March.

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8.

It is a day to honor, uplift and recognize the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women all over the world. The day also marks a call to action for educating, raising awareness and lobbying for accelerated gender parity.

According to the International Women's Day website, the theme for the 2024 campaign is, "Inspire Inclusion" which encourages diversity in the fight for gender equality.

"It calls for action to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create environments where all women are valued and respected," read a statement on the website. "Inspire Inclusion encourages everyone to recognize the unique perspectives and contributions of women from all walks of life, including those from marginalized communities."

As part of Black History Month every February, Americans celebrate African Americans' achievements and histories.


To recognize the contributions of African Americans to the United States, Black History Month was created. Black Americans from all periods of American history are honored, from the first enslaved Africans brought to the U.S. in the early 17th century to today's African Americans.


Martin Luther King Jr., who fought for equal rights for Blacks during the 1950s and 1960s, is often highlighted during Black History Month. Among them were Thurgood Marshall, the first African American justice appointed to the Supreme Court in 1967, Mae Jemison, the first African American astronaut to reach space in 1992; as well as Barack Obama, the first African American president of the United States in 2008.

The month of November is dedicated to honoring Native Americans who have made significant contributions to the nation's character. It is American Indian Heritage Month in November.

 Visit the Media Center to read a book or do your homework! Let yourself enjoy some quiet time! 

October display

This year's Halloween display was full of all kinds of spooky season's readings! 

Check out the books on Philippine culture, people, and celebrities as October is Filipino American History Month.

Pin on Poems for School

May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month – a celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. A rather broad term, Asian/Pacific encompasses all of the Asian continent and the Pacific islands of Melanesia (New Guinea, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji and the Solomon Islands), Micronesia (Marianas, Guam, Wake Island, Palau, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Nauru and the Federated States of Micronesia) and Polynesia (New Zealand, Hawaiian Islands, Rotuma, Midway Islands, Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Cook Islands, French Polynesia and Easter Island).

The month of May was chosen to commemorate the immigration of the first Japanese to the United States on May 7, 1843, and to mark the anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad on May 10, 1869. The majority of the workers who laid the tracks were Chinese immigrants.

Poetry is all about exploring the ways that the written word is able to communicate to the world in beautiful forms. With various classic poets and more popping up in the limelight, it can be hard to keep up with the latest in poetry while enjoying this form of literature from the past as well.

From old to new, National Poetry Month aims to celebrate the art of poetry in all of its forms, appreciating the history behind it as well as the future that is yet to be seen. This important month also celebrates the lives of poets that inspired it, and is intent on forming a new generation of poets who may just change the landscape of the literary world.

Black History Month 2023

Take a look at some of the inspiring and noteworthy faces celebrated during Black History Month. 

Seasons Readings!

Cozy up to a good book and take a look at this month's holiday display! 

Giving Thanks

Turkey-Day is upon us! Come check out our display for some great seasonal books to add to your festivities! Pop into the Media Center for more information! 


This year's halloween display was full of all kind of spooky season's readings! 

March is Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month

Book of the Month

Like Water for Chocolate

"Like Water for Chocolate," originally titled "Como agua para chocolate" in Spanish, is a novel penned by renowned Mexican author and screenwriter, Laura Esquivel. It made its debut in the literary world in Mexico back in 1989, with the English translation hitting bookshelves in 1992.

The narrative unfolds around the life of a young woman named Tita, whose heart pines for her beloved, Pedro. However, the rigid adherence to a family tradition, where the youngest daughter is forbidden to marry and must instead care for her mother until her passing, keeps them apart. Tita's only means of expressing herself is through her culinary talents. The novel delves into captivating themes of passion, violence, self-discovery, rebellion, and the powerful role of food, making it a compelling read that resonates with a wide audience.

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